Welcome to the place for country loving women

Welcome to Rural Writer

You've chosen to live the country lifestyle.

  • Your typical dinner parties include a potluck barbecue and an evening bonfire.
  • Your favorite place to shop has a hardware department, feed store and garden section.
  • You bask in the sounds of cricketscows,  slumbering dogs, and summer rain.

It's a wonderful life but...

  • Every day is a challenge to your time, energy, and pocketbook whether it's your family, the weather, or one of your animals.
  • You recognize a huge disconnect between your day-to-day reality and what the media, marketers, and mainstream world think you want, need, and know. 


Welcome to the place that speaks to you.

Let's redefine country women in the real way!

We are...

three women visiting while drinking coffee
...supportive of friends and family. We like to have fun, but sometimes it's hard to find the time.
woman reading a book outside
...knowledgable and practical, but open to learning and trying new things. 
woman at wooden gate looking thoughtfully out at a green pasture
...hardworking and resourceful. We use  experience to tackle our obstacles. 

Hello! I'm Mikey.

I've lived and worked in rural settings all of my life. I love it! 

But I haven't always liked the ideas some people had about country women. You know, those images of big hair and short shorts, or dingy aprons and head scratching.

Here at Rural Writer we are ready to throw out those images of Daisy Duke and send Ma Kettle to the nursing home. 

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