Hi, I'm Mikey

I'm a country gal through and through. I grew up in a small town (population was under 1,000!) I've continued to live and work in small towns and rural places all of my life.

I currently live on a small ranch with my husband, Todd, in central Washington. Things are never dull around our place, but they certainly are different than they used to be.

The world is changing and with that change comes assumptions about country women - who we are, what we do, and what we need or want. For instance, country living doesn't mean you're a homesteader! Nor do we prepare meals like the Pioneer Woman. (Although I do admire her!)

We are busy women. But not so busy that we aren't aware the world is changing around us.

How do we manage those changes while still holding onto our values, interests, needs and wants? Where do we find the time, energy, and inspiration to really enjoy the life we have chosen to live?

I decided to start my own blog/website for women who love country living just to answer those sort of questions.

Through interviews with country women, humorous daily life stories, practical tips, DIY suggestions, products, and product reviews relevant to the life we  live, RuralWriter.com is the place for rural women to find inspiration and support in living their dream life while managing the changes in the world around us.

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