8 Excellent Reasons For Living in the Country

Nov 12, 2022
smiling woman leaning on shovel in her garden

Many people dream of living in the country. Other people wonder what's the big draw to living a rural life. Well, here are 8 excellent reasons for living in the country. 


1. Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Privacy - In today's world of social media, privacy is beginning to feel like a thing of the past. Which may be the reason many country folks name privacy as their number one reason for living "out of town." There's a certain amount of autonomy that comes with rural living. You make your own decisions based on your needs, wants, and interest. You don't feel pushed to answer to your neighbor, even when you ask for a helping hand (which many country people are willing to lend).

There's no need to conform to neighborhood expectations. No need to worry about how you're dressed to mow your lawn or even if you mow your lawn. There are no shared walls that reveal late night secrets or common parking areas where you try your best to avoid th annoying tenant in apartment 2B.

When you live several miles from town, the chances of unwelcome or unexpected guests popping in drops tremendously. Who wants to make the 20-mile drive out to your place only to discover you're not at home?

Country living offers the sense of privacy which makes us feel a little more in control of our lives in a world filled with constant chaos.

2. Check Out That View!

Scenery - Not everyone that lives in the country has phenomenal views, but many do. And even if the view is a little more than a field of grass or a single pine tree along a dirt road, country folks admire it more than a city skyline. Being able to see the stars at night and watch the sunrise in the morning can both inspire and relax the mind.

People fortunate enough to build their own peace of heaven usually design their home to take in the best views. They build porches, decks and patios with the view in mind. 

If you have ever watch the popular HGTV show, "House Hunters," you notice almost every potential buyer mentions the desire for a special view. An ugly view can be a deal breaker.

People want pleasant scenery around them. Country people just crave the wide-open spaces a great view provides.

3. Listen...Do You Hear That?

Noise level - People living in the country often mention how much they love the peace and quiet of rural living. They cannot understand how people from urban and suburban areas can tolerate all the racket from traffic, neighbors, construction, and commercial enterprises.

Yes, country living can provide a lot less noise. But it can also offer you the option to make as much noise as you would like without disturbing anyone who might not appreciate it. Ever listen to cows bawling, dogs barking, tractors running, motorbikes racing? They can be very noisy. How about the barn party that lasted until 2 a.m.? One of the benefits of country living is you can be as noisy or as quiet as you would like.

Unless you are blowing up tannerite or the party is taking place a little too close to your country nest, what your neighbor is doing is none of your business an you most likely aren't aware of it. Provided of course, you werent invited to the party.

4. You Mean I Don't Have to Ask Permission?

Less restrictions - A sub-benefit of privacy is the few lifestyle restrictions placed on people living in the country. You are not likely to have restrictions on the size of your house, the color of your house or even if you live in a house. Maybe you would prefer to live in a tent.

There are no home owner association rules or tenant agreements you must follow. The county or district may impose restrictions on things like how close you build near a lake or a stream.  They may have regulations regarding the digging and use of a private well. 

Usually restrictions in rural areas are for your safety and/or to protect the environment and wildlife. In general, the options for how you want your personal paradise to look and feel are totally up to you.

5. What About Chickens?

Pet/animals - Another benefit to country living many people talk about is the desire to own pets and animals. When you live out of town you can own dogs, cats, chekcens, goats, horses, cows, llamas, sheep, pigs, just about any domesticated animal you want, depending on how much land you own.

There are many communities the limit pet ownership to a specific number or type of animal. No raising chickens on your apartment balcony.

Animals lovers desire a place with privacy and no restrictions so they can own the animals they want without question and without rules. If you are an animal lover, the country life appeals to you for just this reason alone.

6. I'll Do It Myself, Thank You

Self-sufficiency - Living in the country offers athe benefit of being self-sufficient, something like our forefathers, but with a modern twist. Many people embracing rural life grow their own vegetables, raise their own meat, and look to using alternative sources of energy like wind and solar power.

There are many levels to this self-sufficiency trend. But most country folk like the idea of being as independent as possible. They seek a healthy lifestyle by raising their own food when they can, without the drugs and chemicals commercial production often uses.

Many people even use wood heat or have adopted the more efficient use of pellet stoves. They build energy efficient homes or look for ways to improve the heating and cooling systems of older homes.

There are many levels to becoming more self-sufficient. Country living offers you options to fit your needs, experiences and pocketbook.

7. What's Your Hurry?

Pace of life- It doesn't take long for someone who moves from the city to the country to notice a definite differenc in the pace of life. While there is always something to do when you live in the country, it is not the same "doing" as when you live in a more urban setting. Everything in the city feels rushed and urgent.

In the country, you always have work to get done but there is no honking horn, no standing in line, no pushing or shoving to get to the place you need to be. It's here and there's space and time to do it.

The exception might be getting the cow out of the garden when the dogs are out. Yeah, that can get a little crazy.

8. Oh Give Me a Home...

Mother Nature - Science suggests being outdoors and taking in the sights and sounds of nature are beneficial for our well-being. This is true even if it's just momentarily. One of the greatest benefits of country living is the great outdoors is at your doorstep every day.

Children love the outdoors. It's their playground and their best learning environment. It's their dinner table in the summer and sledding hill in the winter (depending on where you live).

But the great outdoors isn't just for the kids. Adults enjoy it as well, whether their farming, gardening, hunting, fishing, birdwatching, talking a walk or soaking up the sun with a cold brew in their hand. The list could go on but you catch my drift.

Being closer to nature is probably the number two reason why people want to take up country living. (I have no statistics on this, but it does come up every time you ask.)

Living in the Country Isn't for Everyone

And that's okay. For those of us who dream about it, have made it happen or are working on making it happen, we really don't need to explain the reasons. It's in our blood.

So the next time someone asks you, "Why would you every want to live there?" You can pull out a couple of these excellent reasons for country living. Most likely they will be a little bit jealous.


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