Accepting My Autumn

Dec 13, 2022

Accepting My Autumn

My horse labored the last few feet

As we crested the hill

My reluctant heart and mind

Adding to his burden.

His heaving chest

Expanding and contracting

Beneath me

As we come to grips with our bearings.

We stood weary from the long ride,

Expected to move on,

Unsure of where we were going.

What direction from here?

There were many trails,

But no familiar path.

Just simple arrows pointing waywardly

Amidst a jumble of color,

Shades of green, gold, russet

Separate, but meshed

Like horse and rider.

I contemplated the route I should take

As he shook his head,

Perplexed at my hesitation

About facing the season before me.

Our wondering hearts have quieted

So I point him towards the mountain

Crowned with an early snow.

The confusion ends there

Under a mirage of purple-hued simplicity.

We pick our way through

Autumn’s mottled colors

And, as we move closer,

I begin to untangle my reluctance

Only to discover

The beauty of this season

Comes with accepting

The enduring complexion of autumn.

Vibrant, inspiring, colorful

Morphing naturally into

Flecked and stippled pieces

Sharing their experience

In crackling songs of camaraderie.

My horse instinctively knows this

And doesn’t question

When I push him forward

Knowing the rest of the ride will be easier.

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