Benefitting From the Feng Shui Element of Earth

Apr 20, 2024
Rows of clays pots displayed on two stone benches, some pots contain plants and flowers, respresent the Feng Shui element of Earth

Benefitting From the Feng Shui Element of Earth

This is the 3rd post in a series about the 5 Elements associated with the practice of Feng Shui. In the first post, I shared the basics of the elements of Wood and Metal. The second post discussed the meanings and symbolisms associated with Fire and Water.

In my mind, I saved the best for last (as the saying goes). If I had to pick a favorite of the elements related to Feng Shui, it would be the element of Earth. I love it for its simplicity and its many practical ways to implement its presence in our home’s environment.

Let’s find out more about the Feng Shui element of Earth.

The Symbolism and Meaning of the Earth Element

We have all heard and most likely used the expression, “Mother Earth.” This expression embodies the symbolism of the earth element. Like a good mother, the element of earth provides a sense of stability and rootedness. It represents the foundation upon which everything is built.

As a child we often turned to our mothers for comfort, knowing she would try hard to protect us and provide a sense of security. She did her best to shield us from the external influences that could turn our world topsy turvy. Although we may not have understood it at the time, we looked to our mothers to keep us grounded in a world we were just learning to navigate.

The Feng Shui element of Earth is also associated with nourishment and fertility. I think of a well-cared for garden which provides the necessary nutrients to grow the fruits and vegetables that sustain our bodies. Its fertile soil allows plant life to spring forth in abundance, which is another important aspect of the earth element.

Earth is a physical, tangible element. Yet we are able to work with it, modify its shape or form to create useful applications for our lives. In this way, Earth represents the process of bringing ideas or dreams into reality. Manifestation is an important component of the element of earth.

Perhaps the most important meaning related to the element of earth is the idea of balance and harmony. You cannot have one without the other. And so it is in nature. Think about the cycles of the seasons and how important that cycle is to the environment.

There is an interconnectedness between all living things. We not only depend on the cycles of the season, but the ongoing relationship between us and our environment. The Feng Shui element of Earth reminds us to seek balance in our lives and harmony between ourselves and other living things.

Incorporating the Element of Earth

The element of earth fits nicely with the country living lifestyle whether you lean towards the farmhouse look and prefer a more rustic design. Earth lends itself to simplicity and practicality.

The element of earth can be represented by the use of natural materials like stone, clay, and textiles made from wool, cotton, and linen.

House plants are a wonderful way to bring in the earth element since the dirt in the pot and the plant itself represent the idea of nurture, growth, and rootedness. And if you feel you need more of the earth element, clay pots can be used.

However, planters made of wood or metal can add some balance to the use of elements which is important to the symbolism of earth.

While sunlight is associated with the element of fire, natural light is also considered a factor in the representation of earth. Natural light uplifts the energy and mood of a room while inspiring growth in ideas and the manifestation of dreams.

Many country homes make use of ceramic tiles for flooring or backsplashes in their kitchens and baths. Brick or rock fireplaces are common as well. But for more subtle use of the element of earth, you can use displays of rocks, crystals, or gemstones.

For those of you on the creative side, artwork or arrangements using natural elements found in the outdoors can be a satisfying way to represent the element of earth in your home. From flower arrangements to wall art created from small branches or driftwood or even clay sculptures, the possibilities to express yourself are endless.

If creating your own artwork or accessories is not a viable option, look for artwork inspired by nature and the earth. Paintings or photographs featuring landscapes, wildlife, or flowers provide visual interest and a connection to the natural world.

Remember that the type of frame you use will need to be considered when displaying your artwork.

Here’s are a couple of important hints to think about when displaying the element of earth:

  1. The element of Earth is controlled by Wood and drained by Metal.
  2. Too much of the Earth element can lead to worry and the inability to set boundaries for yourself.

Both the traditional and modern approaches to the use of the earth element in the practice of Feng Shui share the common goal of creating a balanced and harmonious home environment. The more modern interpretation leans toward more holistic and adaptable approach, looking to include functionality and personal taste in its use.

The wonderful thing about the earth element is the flexibility in the many ways it can be represented. In a world where life can be chaotic, the element of earth offers us the opportunity to ground ourselves, to feel a sense of stability and security so we can develop a solid foundation on which to build and grow our dreams.

In future posts, we will learn how color and position/direction can support the five elements of Feng Shui, including the balancing nature of Earth.

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